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Bordeaux Lip Matte

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TFTCosmetics puts its twist on this classic texture with long-wearing, robustly saturated shades of Matte Liquid Lip color. Whichever hue you choose, all promise one thing: a rush of pigment-soaked, liquid color in a velvety, mattes matte finish that’s impossible to forget.

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Bordeaux Lip Matte
Bordeaux Lip Matte

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Timeless Beauty

The French Touch redefined luxury in makeup. Founder Marie's unwavering dedication ensured every product embodied opulence while harmonizing with all skin tones. From deepest ebony to fairest porcelain, her creations exuded lasting allure and timeless elegance.

The French Touch: Quality Defined

In the heart of London, The French Touch stands tall, offering more than just makeup – it's a dedication to quality.

Founder Marie meticulously selects top-tier ingredients from global labs, ensuring each product, from eyeshadows to lipsticks, meets the highest standards.

But it's not just about ingredients. The French Touch is committed to cruelty-free practices and eco-friendly packaging.

Customers at The French Touch discover a celebration of genuine beauty, where every detail reflects a commitment to excellence.



The French Touch Shop specializes in cosmetics that offer a range of high-quality products with long-wearing formulas and vibrant colors. Our products, such as the "Amour Lip Matte" and "Banane Parfait Matte Powder," provide a velvety matte finish that lasts over 8 hours. Our unique value proposition lies in delivering robustly saturated shades and a perfect matte finish, ensuring a remarkable makeup look all day and night.


The matte finish of our cosmetics lasts over 8 hours. Our long-wearing formulas are designed to provide a velvety matte finish that stays put throughout the day, ensuring your makeup looks flawless from morning till night.

What is special about the "Blonde Lip Liner" offered by The French Touch Shop?

The "Blonde Lip Liner" offered by The French Touch Shop is known for its rich, highly pigmented results. It enhances your lip makeup by providing a flawless base for your lipstick or lip gloss. The highly pigmented formula ensures long-lasting and precise application, giving your lips a defined and beautiful look.

Are The French Touch Shop cosmetics suitable for all skin types?

Yes, our cosmetics are suitable for all skin types. We have carefully formulated our products to be compatible with different skin types, ensuring that they provide excellent performance and comfort for everyone.

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